Turkey Time Market Update

Wishing everyone a happy early Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for past clients, friends, and family that continue to support my real estate business, refer their loved-ones, and cheer me on along the way. Given all of the hype in the news surrounding the real estate market recently, I thought it would be a goodContinue reading “Turkey Time Market Update”

Fall Market Update 2022

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready to dive into the many fun perks of fall – including positives for buyers and sellers both in this market! Spring 2022, though VERY competitive, was a sweet time for buyers with incredibly low rates. As rates have climbed up throughout the year, weContinue reading “Fall Market Update 2022”

Coming Soon Status Explained

The optional Coming Soon status of a listing is somewhat a mystery and often misunderstood by both buyers and sellers alike. But this stage can make a big difference to all parties and is truly an important tool that is offered in our market. When a home is marked as Coming Soon, it usually meansContinue reading “Coming Soon Status Explained”

Seller 101: Prep Your Home to Sell!

Admittedly, most homes currently listed on the market are “flying off the shelf.” Limited inventory has created pent-up demand from buyers that has fueled this wildly unbalanced sellers’ market. That said, even though homes are currently selling quickly and escalating, it is still important to take the right steps to prepare your home for theContinue reading “Seller 101: Prep Your Home to Sell!”

Home Buyer 101: 5 Top Recommendations to Compete

For today’s topic, I am going to make it short and sweet. Last week, I posted about the market and how it heavily favors sellers. Today I’d like to focus on different tools buyers can add to their tool belt to make themselves more competitive in this market. The five recommendations below can be doneContinue reading “Home Buyer 101: 5 Top Recommendations to Compete”

Market Update: Spring 2022

I’m starting my Spring 2022 update with the above graphic because I believe the statistics really do speak for themselves. A “balanced” market, meaning there is equal leverage between buyers and sellers, is considered to be 6 months of supply. You’ll see in the statistics above furthest to the right, in our area, there wasContinue reading “Market Update: Spring 2022”